About Stress Training

Sufficient “stress” on the body/system to produce beneficial adaptations, whether it be strength, flexibility, speed, skill etc.
The main idea here is the concept “hormetic stress.” A stressor that, at higher levels would be harmful, but lower levels cause the body to adapt in beneficial ways. They idea that when deprived or proper physical stress causes the body to breakdown and become less resilient. Training should be an intelligent application of stress to produce adaptations in alignment with the kind of body you want to live in. But the dose is key!! And most people never experience the kind of progress they could because they either:
  • Don’t do enough for long enough to see results, lose motivation and quit or…
  • Go unsustainably hard for a short time, get injured or burnout and then think change is too hard or not possible.

Three main techniques

Strength Training

Flexibility Training

Cold/Heat Exposure

Pricing & Packages

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