Who We Are

We are two local entrepreneurs looking to make a positive impact on health and wellness in our community.

Passionate about the science of living well by incorporating a ‘physiology first’ approach has been our quest to building a community of like minded individuals.

The phrase, you can’t control what happens in the world, but you can control how you respond has driven us to improve our resiliency.  Resilience towards stress and how we can build a better, healthier relationship with it has brought us to where we are today.

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Why We Started

Our motivation to create this centre started with our belief of what Float Therapy, as a practice provides. Floating is amazingly simple, yet very powerful and extremely versatile. Reducing stress and allowing your nervous system an opportunity to return to the ‘rest and digest’ state gives you relief from staying in the chronic ‘fight or flight’ state. Floating brings you back to the baseline allowing you to be less reactive when you feel like you have no control of what life is throwing at you.

We live what we promote and want to make living optimal and accessible to everyone. Our retail section has grown quickly and we bring in many of our daily go to’s. Essential vitamins, supplements, and practices that we incorporate for out metabolic help has driven our passion to build a community around it.

As we move forward there will be new services to help each individual set new habits to make a better quality of life. Our goal is to continue growing a community looking to push the boundaries of comfort to make room for growth.

Afloat has hit a growth year and we look forward to sharing and building it with you.


After our first experience with floating back in 2014, we knew we wanted to bring it back to Thunder Bay with us. Afloat was founded on the belief that anyone can learn to down-regulate their nervous system and be more at ease in the world by removing external inputs and simply being present.

Afloat is located at 179 Algoma Street South, in the Bay and Algoma district of downtown Thunder Bay.