Why Should I Float?

Floating is the ideal antidote to the relentless sensory bombardment of our wired culture. Constant input (smart phones, computers, TV’s, noise, etc.) creates enormous stress on the mind and body.


Reduce Stress

Constant input (smartphones, TV’s, noise, etc) creates enormous stress on the mind and body.

Ease Tension

Floating is the perfect way to discharge all forms of stress so you can find deep states of relaxation and calm.

Manage Chronic Pain

The weightless environment allows the muscles and joints to relax, increasing blood flow and repairing muscle tissues.

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We’re more than just floating.

When we opened the doors, our goal was to offer a place to recover from the daily stressors of life. As humans the goal seems to be, do more until you can’t anymore. We were on our own journey of discovery to become the most resilient we could.

At Afloat we are pleased to present a lineup of heavy hitters for keeping you on track, with sleep, hydration, energy and nutrition.

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Group 807

Afloat helps me escape and regenerate my energy and body. Everyone is also super welcoming and friendly

Nick Peters / Jul 25, 2020
Group 807

Amazing folks and service. I am always well taken care of and floats have helped me a lot with post-concussion syndrome.

Miranda Niittynen / Mar 23, 2020
Group 807

Being able to shut out the stresses of the world for 90 minutes and allowing my body to completely reset itself in a weightless environment was amazing! I feel incredible! 5 Stars is not enough to rate Afloat!! Thunder Bay is extremely lucky to have a service like this!

Jena G / Feb 10, 2020
Group 807

I experienced 90 minutes of peace and quiet. The facility was bright, clean, and serene. The person working was friendly and sweet. Afterwards, I did feel rejuvenated. Not sleepy, not hyper, but peaceful and strong. So, if you are thinking about giving floating a try, I would say to you, go for it!

Jennifer Sullivan / May 8, 2019
Group 807

I have recommended you and will continue to do so because we all need a little tranquility. I get 1.5hrs of peace in a clean, quiet and courteous environment… And I deserve it. Don’t you?

Mary Lynn Douglas / Sep 7, 2018