Customer Experience Specialist

We are Thunder Bay's float centre located in the Bay and Algoma area. Afloat is dedicated to providing wellness through float therapy which can reduce stress, manage pain and provide an environment that promotes calmness. We are looking for a like minded individual with a positive outlook and enjoys the benefits of living well.

The Customer Experience Specialist is responsible for ensuring a positive experience for our customers. You will greet and introduce our customers to best practices for their float. Cleanliness between each float is also essential. You will be responsible for cleaning each room between floats and maintaining a neat and clean appearance of the common areas. An understanding of the benefits of float therapy will be important as we get many questions. You are also responsible maintaining the pods cleaning cycle and temperature to continuously provide a consistent experience for our customers. You will be trained on our booking system and POS (Point Of Sale) system to help customers book and process transactions. 

Skills and Experience:

Excellent customer service

Attention to detail

Excellent communication skills

Work with minimal supervision

Team player

Please bring resume in person to 179 Algoma St. South (Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Sunday). Attention Gavin or Tracey

We are offering part time 25-30 hours /week. flexible hours during weekday/evenings weekends as shifts vary depending on the day.

                                                               FLOAT TO A HEALTHIER YOU


Floating is the ideal antidote to the relentless sensory bombardment of our wired culture. Constant input (smart phones, computers, TV’s, noise, etc.) creates enormous stress on the mind and body. Accumulated stress can lead to many common ailments like anxiety, depression, chronic pain and insomnia and fatigue. Floating is the perfect way to discharge all forms of stress; you can find deep states of relaxation and calm. Even people who struggle to relax find it nearly impossible to resist the deeply calming support of a float tank.


~Being in a float tank is like relaxing in outer space~

  Naked is the preferred way to float.      Bathing suite is for photo purposes.   :-) 

Naked is the preferred way to float. 

Bathing suite is for photo purposes.  :-) 

Floating is all about NOTHING: limiting effects of gravity, sound and light.  Escape the hubbub of everyday life for ninety minutes.  The float tank is a powerful tool for managing  pain and stress, and for self-exploration.



Thunder Bay's own float center, Afloat offers three private rooms each with a float tank and amenities.  In the Algoma and Bay district, we are walking distance from downtown's unique restaurants, cafes, and shops.